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Whatever your requirements – whether it be a controlled entry through a single door, or complex computer based systems controlling many sites with sophisticated software applications – Clear Sound Security Coventry are specialist installers of Access Control systems have the experience and technical knowledge to provide a cost effective solution that gives you the right balance between your security needs and freedom of movement for authorised personnel. All Clear Sound Security, Access Control systems are fully certificated to either NCP109 or BS EN 50131.

Specialist installation skills

In the fight against crime, and the increasing terrorist threat, Access Control has become an ever more important consideration. Companies must assess the risks, and take action to protect their possessions but, more importantly, their employees too.

As NSI NACOSS Gold Approved installers of Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control systems, Clear Sound Security are recognised by both the Police and Insurance industry.

Controlled access to your property, either with or without video surveillance, can provide a real sense of security and peace of mind for your employees. With the increased threat of terrorism and industrial espionage in the Western world, every company must seriously consider how to minimise these risks.
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Variety of system choices

There are many systems, with varying degrees of sophistication available on the market today. These can include key code panels, swipe card readers, proximity systems, video entry systems, and biometric solutions. Or various combinations of the above.

Depending on your needs systems can range from simple main entrance access control with, for example a key code panel for staff use, combined with an entry phone to speak with visitors before allowing them entry, to a fully zoned, Computer controlled, solution based on individually coded proximity tags, swipe cards, or biometric readers.
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designed to meet your requirements

Many users, who require only a basic system, prefer magnetic swipe card technology to the more traditional key code, this is primarily from an ease of use point of view. It has the advantage that access rights can be given to or taken away from an individual without having to reprogram code operated locks.
Proximity devices operate, as the name suggests, by the user holding their tag, or card, near to the corresponding door sensor.
‘Hands-free’ versions can operate up to 1M away from the door sensor. This can be useful if staff are constantly moving between different areas within a building.
Proximity tags, cards, and also magnetic swipe cards can be customised with your company’s logo. And, with the addition of Photo ID technology, may also serve as a photographic ID Badge.
Biometric systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in medium to higher risk security situations, typical technologies are fingerprint, and Iris recognition. We would recommend a thorough risk assessment before considering this technology.
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