What It Means to be NSI Gold Approved

If you are searching for a Fire or Security provider, making sure they have all the appropriate qualifications and experience, you are looking for is important. Accreditation is a big part of this, and hopefully, should mean that you are dealing with a company who know what they are doing, and have a solid reputation.

Many businesses, and homeowners will begin their selection process by looking online for partners in their local area. Knowing how to distinguish reputable companies from the rest of the crowd quickly and efficiently can save a good deal of time. That’s where the NSI Gold Approved accreditation comes in.

The National Security Inspection or NSI is the accreditation body for the Fire & security industry. Created in 1971, the organisation offers both gold and silver accreditation. This two-level system is designed to help new and upcoming companies (silver accreditation) and those who are already established in the sector (gold accreditation).

Business that are allowed to display the NSI logo have been through a comprehensive audit and vetting process that means that they are fit for purpose, and have a quality management process in place to maintain standards. Those with gold approval can usually also demonstrate a long track record of high performance.

What is Gold Approved?

All companies that have been NSI Gold Approved agree to adhere by certain principles and have multiple processes in place to ensure they continue to provide a good service. These include:

  • All approved businesses resolve to provide high business performance standards.
  • Companies agree to meet the current UK and EU standards relating to technical performance and safety.
  • NSI Gold Approved security business fully vet all relevant employees.
  • Best industry practice is at the heart of a company’s processes which means staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest safety issues.
  • A company with this certification will undertake to have the appropriate insurance which protects them and their clients.
  • The award by NSI includes Quality Management System Certification (BS EN ISO 9001). Environmental (BS EN ISO 14001), and Health and Safety (BS OHSAS 1801) are optional accreditations.

What Are the Benefits of Using a NSI Gold Approved Fire & Security Provider?

NSI Gold Approved certification is backed by organisations such as the Police, Fire and rescue services, as well as the wider insurance industry. Choosing to work with a company that displays the NSI logo means you are opting for a partner that takes their service delivery seriously, have demonstrated their competence and who are committed to maintaining standards in accordance with best practice within the sector.

NSI Gold Approved certification holders are required to undergo regular updates to make sure they are maintaining these standards.

Obviously, if you are a business and/or homeowner looking to work with a Fire or Security provider, it’s important to choose the right supplier. That means a company which not only meets the requirements of their customers and stakeholders, but which also maintains and upholds its commitment to statutory and regulatory requirements.

The NSI Gold Approved accreditation is a way of easily distinguishing a reputable security partner from others in the industry.

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