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Our CCTV Balsall Common installation services cover both commercial and residential properties.

Whether you would like to have your homes or place of business, we have the capability of offering security services. We fully understand that you would like to keep your home fully protected from intruders as well as having a way of guarding the premises of your business ventures.

Guess what? You don’t have to contact a different installation company for your house and a completely different one for your company. We have the means to do both for you and at a very affordable price.

Professional Installation of CCTV systems

You can leave it up to our professional installers to set up CCTV systems on your chosen property. They go over every nook and cranny, every blind spot and every security risk. Next, they install the system in all the necessary and required places in order to monitor and provide your property with maximum security.

Why Does CCTV Benefit Homes And Businesses?

CCTV systems are highly beneficial for both a residence and a company for the following reasons:

Used for Identification Purposes

There are some instances where a crime has occurred but the one responsible cannot be identified due to so many other factors. If CCTV cameras are installed, at the location where the crime happened, it is possible to see and know who is responsible for it since their face and features have been captured on camera. There are some features that allow you to zoom in so that a person can be better identified.

Can Discourage Crime Activities

Due to the fact that people’s identities and features are captured and therefore recognisable, people are very much discouraged from participating in any criminal behaviour and activities since they can be identified easily on the camera.

Aids With Making Decisions

This is most relevant for a workplace. For example, if an employee was seen on the CCTV system to be taking office supplies home, it would be easier to decide what to do next.

Record-Keeping Purposes

Apart from the other ways in which your company can keep records of employees, this can be another method. The CCTV systems pick up everyone who comes in and out of work, the time they arrive, the time they leave and many more relevant things. So, it acts as a backup for other tools that might already be in place at the company that monitor such records and can be used to confirm several details.

Why Use Clear Sound Security For Your Balsall Commons CCTV Installation Service?

At Clear Sound Security, we do not compromise when it comes to offering you the best security services you need. Our installers are well experienced NSINACOSS Gold Approved installers of CCTV Balsall Common, Access Control, Burglar Alarms and Intruder Alarm systems, and are recognised by both the Police and Insurance industry. A survey is carried out on your property and discuss what your needs and requirements are. The way we go about designing each system is unique just for you and our expert surveyors will understand the significance of selecting the proper camera kinds and locations to guarantee you have a system that perfectly satisfies the needs determined during your evaluation process.

After that, our security experts will then install and certificate your CCTV system. We offer maintenance services so that it is in top working condition over time.

Our staff members are highly professional, pleasant and dependable to get the job done.

Moreover, we ensure that our services are worth every single penny you spend. So if you are looking for maximum security at an affordable price, you can give us a call since we are the people for you.

CCTV Systems

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate systems, this might seem like an arduous task seeing as there are so many different ones available. Additionally, if one does not have a keen eye for CCTV technology and its specifics, it becomes even more difficult, especially when the equipment available is not of original quality.

Conventional CCTV

For every single installation task, we follow the Home Office Development Branch recommendations. These recommendations help us focus on five main categories for CCTV installations:


A figure being displayed should normally fill at least 80 mm per pixel. An observer should be able to track the quantity, direction, and speed of persons moving across a large region.


A figure that is shown should normally take up a minimum of 40 mm per pixel. When notified, an observer should be able to scan the display screens and determine whether or not a person is there.


A figure should normally take up at least 16 mm per pixel. An observer should be able to notice some distinguishing features of the subject, such as distinctive clothes while maintaining a broad enough field of vision to watch activities surrounding an event.


A figure should take up at least 8 mm per pixel. At this level of detail, an observer should be able to tell whether or not an individual displayed is the same as someone they have seen before with a high degree of certainty. This is the feature that makes security systems very dependable when trying to identify actual persons from captured footage.


A figure should normally take up at least 4 millimetres per pixel. The image quality and detail should be adequate to confirm individuals identify beyond a reasonable doubt.

Remote Monitored CCTV

This is a pro-active system specifically designed to potentially prevent theft or damage to property before any serious criminal act can be perpetrated. Using cameras with intelligent intrusion detection, or standard detection devices strategically positioned around the protected area, any Intruders are quickly detected and a live picture immediately transmitted to experienced operators at a Remote Monitoring Station, who can then assess what is happening on site. All systems are installed and certificated to NCP104 and BS EN 62676 as referenced by NCP104, or BS8418.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CCTV stand for?

This is an acronym that means closed-circuit tv. It is referred to as closed-circuit simply because all of the cameras, monitors and recorders communicate through a proprietary coaxial cable run or a wireless cable link.

Nowadays, CCTV systems are very advanced as compared to previous versions. Most current systems are of high resolution and in colour. This was not the case before. Furthermore, current systems have the ability to zoom into a recording as well as track and follow a person with other images and videos picked up by surveillance systems.

Where can I point my CCTV cameras?

Knowing the most effective places to point your camera is very crucial. The most highly suggested places are:

1. Front door

2. Back door

3. Personal driveway

4. Not at windows off of your premises.

But sometimes you might have to decide the most appropriate place for your premises depending on what you want to surveil. Some clients may only want to install CCTV camera on corridors. So, it all depends on the preference. Do not hesitate to call up our company should you need to be advised in this regard.

Who can view CCTV footage?

If you are recorded on certain CCTV footages, you can request to review them, since you appeared. But proper legal channels must be followed.

In most cases, one or two nominated processes personal are nominated to watch and review the videos. This is especially done with commercial CCTV on business premises.

How do I improve my home security?

Home security is improved by CCTV installations. The key is to get the best installation for your premises. Of course, do call us when you require such CCTV installation services.

Many people have testaments of how burglar alarms that have been set off by a burglar have prevented their houses from being robbed. Others still have come forward to explain how home security and CCTV camera helped identify a thief or intruder.

How long is CCTV footage kept?

It is suggested that 31 days is the most appropriate length for storing footage. Most do adhere to this.

However, the footage can be kept for longer if an incident occurs and the footage is relevant for that. For instance, if a crime happened and the CCTV cameras captured it all, that can be used as evidence in a criminal court. So, throughout the trial, the video will be used and reviewed over and over again. Which means it is highly relevant until the case is closed. Some cases can go on for as long as 5 years or even more, which means the CCTV video will be kept. In other instances, evidence is kept for trials that have already been closed. In this case, the CCTV videos would not be deleted. All in all, it depends on the situation but in general 31 days is the preferred standard.

"Moved into our new house six months ago and the previous owners (fortunately) left all of the details of the alarm system and the company that maintains it. Had a problem with it this morning (the internal sirens kept going off and the keypad display said the internal backup battery had failed). The system was installed a long time ago (but is still in very good condition). The backup batteries are cheap and easy enough to replace so I can’t really complain! Contacted Clear Sound and got a same-day call back from Ian (the company owner). Very nice, genuine chap who clearly cares a lot about his business. Ian spent about 20 minutes on the phone explaining the options and did his best to help me figure out how to stop the siren going off all night! I was very pleased with Ian’s approach (especially when calling after 5pm on a Friday night) and look forward to signing a new ongoing maintenance contract."

Alex R

"After a break in at our home decided to get cctv and upgrade our alarm spoke to Jake Bradley and went with his recommendation so pleased we did 2 of his team turned up (William and harry lol)other wise known as billy and harry great young men told us every thing we needed to know and walked us through the system explaining every thing can not fault them or the company would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of getting a alarm or cctv installed"

Mal Milward

clear sounds

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