Public Address System Solutions & Induction Loops

Whether you need a system to communicate staff announcements and play background music, or a zoned public address system to control fire and security alerts, Clear Sound Fire & Security Coventry can design and plan, and install the system you need.

High tech and cost effective

Working with one of the worlds leading equipment manufacturers we can offer some of the most innovative and cost effective solutions on the market today.

Our customers include many prestigious offices, restaurants, hotels, sport centres, warehouses, churches, and other public buildings.

Many of the speakers used in the public address systems we install are designed to blend in with interior features, fitting flush with walls and ceilings. Some can stand alone, or as architectural details in their own right.

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Extensive range

Extreme environment models are available which are able to withstand extreme weather, vandalism, fire and even bomb blasts! These systems are invaluable, and often mandatory, for emergency use.

There are, of course, a huge range of microphone, speaker and amplification systems available on the market today. Clear Sound Fire & Security has the experience and technical knowledge to specify the correct products, and method of installation, to meet your individual requirements.

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Clear Sound Fire & Security supply and install induction loop systems, and speech transfer systems for communication between glass screens etc. In many cases, these systems are now required to comply with Disability Discrimination Act regulations.

Audio-frequency induction loop systems (AFILS)

AFILS allow hearing impaired people to hear more clearly. Most hearing aids have a ‘T’ or ‘MT’ switch which allows them to pick up the electromagnetic field generated by an induction loop system. The hearing aid converts this signal into a sound suited to its user’s specific hearing requirements. Any person with a hearing aid positioned within or near the loop can hear the loop signal by switching their hearing aid to the correct position, allowing them to participate more effectively in general conversation, ordering goods or services, listening to public performances, etc.

As each solution is bespoke to the premises please contact us for a detailed discussion on our full range of services. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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