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Whatever your requirements – whether it be a controlled entry through a single door, or complex computer based systems controlling many sites with sophisticated software applications – If you’re looking for Access Control Coventry based Clear Sound Fire & Security, who have been leading the way since 1978. We are specialist installers of Access Control systems, and have over 40+ ‘genuine’ years of experience, and technical knowledge which ensures we can always provide a cost effective solution that gives you the right balance between your security needs and freedom of movement for authorised personnel. Clear Sound Fire & Security, are ISO 9001 Quality Assured, and Access Control systems are fully certificated to NSI Code of Practice NCP109.


Why Access Control

In the fight against crime, and an ever-increasing terrorist threat, Access Control has become a critically important consideration. Companies must now assess the risks, and take action to protect their possessions and, more importantly, their employees too. Controlled access to your property, provides a real sense of security and peace of mind for your employees

With various systems available in the market today, and a wide variety of installers (the vast majority completely unregulated!), to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin.! Stand Alone, Networked, Pin, proximity or even biometric and face recognition readers, what’s the difference, and does it matter.? Established since 1978 Clear Sound Fire & Security have the in-depth knowledge and experience, to provide you with the right advice, and a reliable, affordable, fully certified, Quality Assured Access Control solution whatever your needs.

As NSI Gold Approved installers of Intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control systems, Clear Sound Fire & Security is recognised by both the Police and Insurance industry.

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Electronic card, badge, or key fob:

One of the most common forms of business access control for employees; users simply swipe their card or badge on a reader at the access point to gain entry. Because these are pre-activated and issued to individuals they can be tailored to allow employees access only to the areas they need to go, improving internal security and restricting sensitive areas. Proximity tags, cards, and also magnetic swipe cards can be customised with your company’s logo. And, with the addition of Photo ID technology, may also serve as a photographic ID Badge.

Biometric Access Control:

These, sometimes controversial, systems provide the highest level of access security. Readers are placed beside an entry point to scan fingerprints, handprints, or retinas and compare them to an approved database.

As above Access control can offer flexible control over users’ access rights. For example, all staff can gain access through the main door of a building, but access to internal areas may be restricted to those who have a specific need to be there. Access may also be restricted by time, only granting access to particular users at certain times of day or night, or doors can be set to actually unlock during a designated time frame(s).

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Standalone – or offline Access Control

This type of system may be used to control access on one or many independent doors in a building. Access is typically gained by using a PIN or electronic token, and there is no need for a PC or network. Unlike a networked system, a standalone system is programmed at each door. If tokens need to be barred or codes changed, this action must be completed at every door on the system.

This solution is ideal for smaller sites with a relatively small number of users. Token management is simple and the system can be extended easily as your requirements change.

Networked access control

Networked access control offers centralised control of your building from a PC. This means that commands given at the PC are sent to each of the doors instantly, such as opening doors, barring tokens, and building lockdown. Other benefits of this type of system are flexible control, allowing different permissions for individuals or groups of users.

Ideal for sites managing multiple doors and users. The system can be extended easily and offers advanced features such as event reporting, energy-saving, and integration with CCTV and other systems.

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Professional Installation

Clear Sound Fire & Security will always complete a detailed survey of your site, and have an in-depth discussion of your requirements to ensure we have fully identified the risks/issues you are looking to address by installing an Access Control system. Every design is bespoke, and our specialist surveyors will know the right equipment types and placement to ensure you have a system that precisely meets the requirements identified during your survey.

Our trustworthy team members have Enhanced DBS checks, and are all vetted to the highest security standard BS7858. We will install and maintain your Access Controlled system to ensure it remains in perfect working order.

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Choosing your system

Once an access control system is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without a PIN, access token, or Biometric pass, is unable to enter.

Intercom Solutions

A door entry system is an important component of your home or business security infrastructure. Operating on its own, or in conjunction with your other Clear Sound Fire & Security Access Control Systems Coventry, it serves as a doorbell and intercom to give you control over who enters, and at the same time, acts as a secure system for controlling access to the premises.

Typical solutions include:

Audio buzzer system: Visitors press a button that activates an internal control unit. The user can then speak to the caller through a telephone handset or microphone. If access is granted the operator simply presses a button that releases a lock on the door. This is the cheapest and most common security door system.

Video door entry system: In addition to the above, this combines a security camera at the point of entry and a monitor at the control panel (as well as a buzzer and microphone), allowing the operator to visually identify the visitor.

Mobile phone and internet door entry systems: Again, in addition to both the above, this is an increasingly popular option which permits remote control of entry points from anywhere in the World with an Internet connection.!

Other considerations
Fitting a ‘trades’ button will allow access to some areas at certain times and will be useful for deliveries and collections.

Do you need to make accommodations for disabled users? Can a wheelchair user reach the buzzer or be seen by the surveillance camera?

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We are pleased to offer our full range of CCTV, Access Control, Intruder, Fire, and most other electronic security services throughout the whole of England and Wales for our Corporate customers.

As Coventry Company, we do, of course, focus locally on Access Control Coventry, and the West Midlands, including, Daventry, Henley, Leamington Spa, Leicester, Leicestershire, Northampton, Northamptonshire, Nuneaton, Redditch, Rugby, Stratford-upon-Avon, Solihull, Southam, Warwick, Warwickshire, and all surrounding areas.

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