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Whether you’re a startup or a larger business based in Solihull, authorisation and access control is essential for employee and information security purposes. However, choosing the correct supplier can be a difficult task.

This is where Clear Sound Security come in. We offer incredibly smart and automated access control systems as well as conventional access control system installation and maintenance in Solihull, West Midlands.

Clear Sound Security Systems

Since 1978, Clear Sound Security has been providing safety and protection to businesses with their incredibly high-quality security systems and authorization control solutions. Our main priority is and always will be customer satisfaction and safety. We make sure that we provide you security solutions in accordance with your requirements and budget needs. That is why our products are not only high-quality but our service is also professional and budget-friendly. Contact us if you want to feel secure and safe.

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Understanding Your Access Control Requirements

In today’s world, terrorism and robberies are unfortunately very common. Therefore, to avoid any unauthorized criminal access, you need to find a reliable access control system for the physical doors of your company offices. Access control systems can really come in handy in controlling access to sensitive internal data & controlling user access to make sure each employees access is restricted to their required fields of interest.

Our team will take note of your requirements and provide you suggestions to fit your safety needs. We promise you that you’d be satisfied with the end result.

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Different Types of Access Control Systems

Depending upon the scale of your security needs, there are different types of access control systems. Here are some of the types of access control systems that we provide to our clients in Solihull.

Electronic Card Reading System

When it comes to the commonly used card reading access control systems, they’re extremely effective. From proximity tags to electronic and magnetic cards, allowing access to only a few authorized personnel helps control the access of particular rooms and stored data accurately. Proximity tags & cards can be customised to fit your branding, along with the additional of photo ID technology.

Biometric Access System

Biometric Access control systems offer the highest level of access security since they cannot be replicated or broken into. Readers are places beside an entry point where employees scan their fingerprint, handprints or retinas to gain access.

Door Entry Solutions

Mostly used for home-based solutions, there are different digital door entry control systems including intercoms and electronic buzzers as well as security cameras on which homeowners can authorise people to come into their facilities depending upon their relationship and the business they’ve come with.

There are many other access control solutions and you can request further information about them from our professional customer support team before you start a contract with us.

Professional and Skillful Installation and Maintenance in Solihull

If you choose Clear Sound Security as your security providers in Solihull, we’re going to make sure that your needs are met and that we over deliver on the service & the product. Even after the installation, we’re going to provide maintenance and support services so that you feel both safe and protected with our security products.

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