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In today’s world of rising criminal activities and robberies becoming so common, ensuring the safety and security of your personal home and business stores in Solihull is extremely difficult without a proper intruder alarm system. Clear Sound Security which offers not only budget-friendly intruder alarm systems but also professional installation and maintenance services.

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NSI Gold approved & ISO 9001 quality assured installers, Clear Sound Security have a track record of supporting Solihull home owners & businesses with their burglar alarm systems along with other security solutions. Clear Sound Security Systems is one of the leading security providers in Solihull for a range of security solutions. Our main priority is customer satisfaction and helping keep our customers safe & secure. So contact our team today & see how we can support you.

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Needs for an Intruder Alarm System

Every company and personal living spaces call for some kind of alarm system in order to alarm the owner about any unauthorized access and a break-in. Depending upon the security needs, you can choose to install different security solutions in your owned spaces.

In order to get the best alarm system for your security needs, we recommend you contact our support team. Our trained professionals will survey your locations in Solihull and provide you with necessary solutions that fit your security requirements as well as your budget-restrictions. Our survey and quotation services are absolutely free. Therefore, you can take advantage of these services with Clear Sound Security.

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Simple Bell Alarm System
For those with a smaller budget, you can go for the simple high-frequency bell and buzzer alarm systems which will warn off intruders.

Notification Alarm Systems
For those looking for advanced alarm systems, you can go with notification alarm systems, which will be linked with the police & notify them in case of any illegal or unauthorized access into your facility.

Our Cloud Based App
For providing ease of use and accessibility, we have a cloud-based application that can contain information about the different alarm and security systems purchased from Clear Sound Security and also contain set/reset and receipt information about the different alarm systems being active or not.

Professional Survey and Intruder Alarm System Installation in Solihull
Once the survey is taken, the plan will be forwarded to our skilled engineers who will be responsible for providing you with an amazing intruder alarm system installation and maintenance service. You will be also be informed about its usage and other things. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, so we’re going to ensure that each and every activity that we perform caters all of your security needs and also caters to your budget restrictions accordingly. All you have to do is contact us and we’re here to provide high-quality security systems for your safety.

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