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Do you want a high-quality and effective access control system installed in your office or personal living space in Leamington Spa? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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Before choosing a security company its important to consider whether their products are of the highest quality, is customer satisfaction important & do they provide high-quality professional installation services. When it comes to Clear Sound Security, each of these questions can be answered yes. Since 1978, we’ve been making people safe and secure with our high-quality security technologies and products.

We are ISO 9001 quality assured and are also completely certified to NCP109. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact our skilful team & we will assist you best we can.

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Looking for the right Access Control System

There are different needs and requirements when it comes to access control systems. The main purpose of access control is to provide safety and security to employees as well as data residing within a building owned by a particular organisation. Access control systems are necessary for today’s businesses because of the increased rate of criminal activities as well as robberies and terrorism acts. Therefore, locking out unauthorised personnel helps avoid a hostile work environment and encourages employees to give their best without any fear.

Along with that, there are also internal data security problems. You are going to need to install access control systems on doors and entrances to highly-classified and sensitive data locations within the organisation to avoid any exploitation. When dealing with Clear Sound Security you will be consulted by our skilled surveyors who are going to provide you with their expert opinion about what kind of authorisation control system would be best for your particular business scale or personal owned spaces in Leamington Spa.

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Types of Access Control Systems at Clear Sound Security

We have different kinds of access control systems readily available in our variety of security solutions depending upon your scale and budget restrictions. Here are some of them briefly explained to give you a touch of what security we can offer.

Electronic Card Readers
These are much more commonly used in the hotel management and service field. They’re incredibly effective since they allow only cardholders authorisation for entering and leaving a particular facility. That is why if you’re looking to secure locations, you can use electronic cards or proximity tags.

Network-Based Access Control Systems
These are the most effective kind of access control systems. The access of every different door and situation is controlled by a central network handling the security of every location.

Biometric Solutions
Using biometrics and scanners, you can authorise a pre-defined group of people to gain access to a particularly high sensitivity area within the organisation.

Door Entry Solutions
These solutions are mostly used for home-based solutions. There are different digital door entry control systems including intercoms and electronic buzzers as well as security cameras on which homeowners can authorise people to come into their facilities depending upon their relationship and the business they’ve come with. There are also mobile and remote-controlled access control systems which provide access control on the go.

Skilful Access Control System Installation at Leamington Spa
As you choose the best access control system for your security needs after consultation, the plan will be physically implemented by our talented engineers who’ll also provide professional maintenance for all the security devices being used within the facility. Since Clear Sound Security’s main priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide safety and protection with high-quality security solutions, each of our products is completely in accordance with your budget and security needs.

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