Clear Sound Security Acquire Ace Alarms

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Ace Alarms, Intruder Alarm company has been amalgamated into Clear Sound Security Systems.

Ian Ramsay, Managing Director of Clear Sound Security said: “With an existing strong client bank for intruder alarms in Nuneaton, it made sense to take the opportunity to expand upon this by purchasing Ace Alarms. We are looking forward to meeting all our new customers and continuing to keep them secure.”

Richard Freeman, the previous owner of Ace Alarms commented: “It was important to me that the company (who purchased Ace Alarms) would be privately owned, well established and above all carry a reputation for a high level of service and offer great value. With this in mind, I approached Clear Sound Security and they have agreed to provide all servicing and support to Ace Alarm customers.”

Peace of Mind

Clear Sound Security, established in 1978, have over 40 years’ experience in the electronic security industry. We are NSI NACOSS Gold Approved installers of CCTV, Access Control, and Intruder Alarm systems and we feel confident we will be able to over a much-expanded security service to our newly acquired customers.

Building Ongoing Relationships

As with all electronic equipment, intruder alarms require servicing and preventative maintenance. We will work with our new customers to ensure we continue to keep their premises secure and your intruder alarm investment in the best possible condition.

Additional Security

Clear Sound Security offer a full range of electronic security services, including: CCTV systems, access control, intruder alarms, fire alarms, electronic gates and barriers, public address systems and induction loops. For all of our clients, we offer tailored maintenance agreements and should you require a system overhaul, we have a full design and planning service. We operate advanced management software which allows us to respond to your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Our engineers are on standby 24 Hours a day, 365 Days a year. You can be sure, that should you need us we are always ready to help!

Getting In Touch

We hope to meet each of our new customers in the near future. If you have any queries regarding the information given in this article, please contact our Coventry office on 024 7666 8366

Chase Away The January Blues With Our Winter Warmer Offer

Clear Sound Security are pleased to offer our valued customers/followers a “winter warmer”. We will give you up to £50 Amazon vouchers for every recommendation we receive that turns into a client!

If you know someone who needs a new: Intruder alarm, CCTV or Access Control system, just let us know their details and if they buy a new system from us the vouchers are all yours!!!

What it Means to be NSI Gold Accredited

If you are searching for a security provider, making sure they have all the appropriate qualifications and experience you are looking for is important. Accreditation is a big part of this and, hopefully, should mean that you are dealing with a company who know what they are doing and have a solid reputation.

What it Means to be NSI Gold Accredited

Many businesses will begin their selection process by looking online for partners in their local area. Knowing how to distinguish reputable companies from the rest of the crowd, quickly and efficiently can save a good deal of time. That’s where the NSI Gold Approved accreditation comes in.

The National Security Inspectorate or NSI is the accreditation body for the security industry. Created in 1971, the organisation offers both gold and silver accreditation. This two-level system is designed to help new and upcoming companies (silver accreditation) usually not ISO 9001 and those who are already established in the sector (gold accreditation) and are ISO 9001 accredited

Businesses that are allowed to display the NSI logo have been through a comprehensive audit and vetting process that means they are fit for purpose and have quality management processes in place to maintain standards. Those with gold approval can usually also demonstrate a long track record of high performance.

What is Gold Approved?

All companies that have been NSI Gold accredited agree to adhere by certain principles and have multiple processes in place to ensure they continue to provide a good service. These include:

  • All approved businesses resolve to provide high business performance standards.
  • Companies agree to meet the current UK and EU standards relating to technical performance and safety.
  • NSI Gold Approved security businesses fully vet all relevant employees.
  • Best industry practice is at the heart of a company’s processes which means staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest security issues.
  • A company with this certificate will undertake to have the appropriate insurance which protects them and their clients.
  • The award by NSI includes Quality Management System Certification such as Quality (BS EN ISO 9001)

What Are the Benefits of Using a NSI Gold Approved Security Provider?

NSI Gold certification is backed by organisations such as the Police, Fire and rescue services as well as the wider insurance industry. Choosing to work with a company that displays the NSI logo means you are opting for a partner that takes their service delivery serious, have demonstrated their competence and who are committed to maintaining standards in accordance with best practice within the sector.

NSI Gold Approved certificate holders are required to undergo regular audits to make sure they are maintaining these standards.

Obviously, if you are a business and you are looking to work with a security provider, it’s important to choose the right supplier. That means a company which not only meets the requirements of their customers and stakeholders, but which also maintains and upholds its commitment to statutory and regulatory requirements. The NSI Gold Approved accreditation is a way of easily distinguishing a potential security partner from others in the industry.

Clear Sound Security are your local, NSI Gold accredited, professional electronic security provider. Call us now on 024 7666 8366 to arrange your free survey and quotation.

New Wireless Alarm Systems at Clear Sound Security

Wireless technology has transformed security systems over the last few years. Being able to connect our home or office security to smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets means that we have even more control than ever before.

At Clear Sound Security, we’ve had over four decades of experience delivering high-quality alarm installations across Coventry and the surrounding region. We’re a company that is always looking to source the best systems for our clients to help keep their property secure.

We’re proud to announce that we are now able to offer HKC alarms for our customers, installations that include the latest innovations in app technology and wireless PIR cameras for intruder visual verification.

These are ideal alarm systems for domestic customers who want systems with no wires or commercial customers located in listed buildings. They are simple to install and can be tailored to your property to deliver an alarm system that meets all your needs.

Who Are HKC?

The company have a strong track record for innovative research and development and of manufacturing high-quality alarm systems. Their latest products offer both wireless and hybrid technology that can be used to protect premises of all sizes.

Based in Ireland, they have their own R&D headquarters with a team of dedicated engineers who are at the forefront of today’s electronic security market.

The Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

Many people want the security of a robust alarm system but don’t want all the wires that go with it. The wireless alarm systems from HKC are quick and easy to install and use. They’re a cost-effective security solution whether it’s for the home or for a commercial enterprise.

The alarm system uses cloud connections which means you can link it to your smartphone or tablet with the HKC SecureComm App. This enables you to monitor your alarm system from any location, even if you are away on holiday. You can, for instance, set and unset the alarm, view your activity log and immediately see images taken by security cameras.

The great news with this system is that it is very simple to use. You can choose to have monitors placed in various parts of your home or business. If you have perimeter as well as interior alarms, the system can be part set to use while at home, protecting the outside of your property without triggering the alarm yourself when you are inside.

If you are searching for an alarm system that delivers high levels of security, is adaptable to your needs and is simple to operate, HKC are a market leader.

Clear Sound Security can now install these highly efficient alarms for your property. Our professional team will be able to assess your property and develop a bespoke solution that perfectly fits your needs. We’re NSI NACOSS Gold installers and operate across Coventry and the surrounding area, providing our service for a range of businesses and domestic customers.

If you’d like to find out more, contact our professional and friendly team today.

A False Sense of Security?

Technological advancements are moving the security industry forward at a rate of knots.

With the marked rise in devices connected to the internet, devices like; TVs, thermostats, even everyday items like fridges and kettles and of course security systems, we feel a word or two of caution is warranted. This article is not about scaremongering, more about giving you information so you can evaluate potential risk and make an informed choice as to whether convenience carries a risk to you and your premises.


According to a report in The Telegraph, when they investigated 25 internet connected devices they found 250 “potentially dangerous” security flaws. “The devices came from manufacturers of TVs, webcams, home thermostats, remote power outlets, sprinkler controllers, hubs for controlling multiple devices, door locks, home alarms, scales and garage door openers”.

The author, Matthew Sparkes, Deputy Head of Technology goes on to say: “All of the devices included remote smartphone applications which were used to control them. It was found that 90 per cent of the devices collected personal information, 70 per cent transmitted that data on an unencrypted network and 60 per cent had insecure user interfaces. Eight out of ten failed to require a strong enough password.”

The full article from The Telegraph can be read here.

That’s a scary number: 70% of devices transmitted personal data on an unencrypted network! That’s your personal data floating around for anyone to pick up and use as they wish.

How do you know if a device is secure?

The easy answer here is ask! Before putting your trust in a system that you rely upon to protect people or premises ask: What data is collected? Is it secure, is the data sent encrypted? Is your phone secure?

Ian Ramsay, MD of Clear Sound Security advises: “There are some great security products on the market, however not all are secure. That’s why we are very careful when choosing the systems we recommend to both our commercial clients and home users. I understand the need for convenience, but this must be weighed against the Risk. At Clear Sound Security, we have a Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance and are well aware of the risks some security systems can pose”

What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

More information about the Cyber Essentials Scheme can be found on the government website here.

Ian goes on to say: “It is great to see people becoming more security conscious, but it seems the risks of unsecured data passed by some systems are not readily apparent.”

This doesn’t mean we do not recommend systems connected to the internet, quite the contrary, but it means we are very stringent when recommending a system to our clients. As well as the convenience, we must also be satisfied that the customer is aware of the risks involved in connecting anything to the Internet of Things (IoT) and that the security system does not give a false sense of security!