Intruder Alarm Systems Installation- Your Ideal Solution

At Clear Sound Security, we pride ourselves as one of the leading installers of intruder alarm systems in the Leamington Spa area. We have over four decades of experience in alarm systems installations, so you can rest assured that we will install a system that meets all your needs.

In terms of certifications, we are NSI GOLD and ISO 9001 Quality approved. Besides, all our Burglar Alarm systems are certificated to PD6662, BS8243, and BS50131 requirements.

Approved and Accredited

Here at Clear Sound Security, we are NSI NACOSS Gold-approved CCTV Installers Leamington Spa. We also install access control systems and intruder alarms, not to mention our security systems are certified to BS EN ISO 9001 requirements.

For starters, a company that meets the NSI GOLD accreditation must meet all the industry standards and be assessed twice a year to ensure the standards are maintained.

Therefore, whether we install our alarm systems for your home or office, be assured that they will meet local police authority and insurers requirements.

nsi accred

Commercial Properties' Security

In today’s world, commercial properties have become a major target for the bad guys. Our specialists can help guard your business premises and staff regardless of the size or location. Ours is to install a fully certified NSI Gold alarm system that not only meets your insurance requirements but also complies with the local police response.

Whether you just want a simple alarm system to deter intruders or you want a more sophisticated solution that is linked to police response units, our specialist will deliver a bespoke security system that meets your exact requirements.

With over 40+ years of experience in installing intruder alarm systems, our trained engineers ensure a quality installation that will remain working 24/7/365 days. Clear Sound Security boasts a trustworthy team of engineers that has been vetted to BS7858 security standards.

We do not just install top-notch security systems on your business premises and leave it at that; we also give you control over your security system using a smart alarm app. This allows you to set and define notifications and also reset your alarm remotely when needed. The app has a smart interface that gives you the ability to turn the lights on and off to see who is inside or near your premises.

Contact us today we discuss your security system requirements.

Home Security - House Alarm Systems Leamington Spa

Every home is at risk of getting invaded by intruders, and thus a security system is necessary to deter them.

If you need to install a simple or complex alarm system, look no further. Our team of specialists can discuss your exact requirements with you and also assess the level of risks your home is exposed to. This way, we are able to install a bespoke home alarm system that meets your needs.

Our alarm systems for home are NSI Gold certified and meets the requirement of the industry. This is a big plus because they can help you save on insurance premiums.

In addition to alarm systems for intruders, we also have a wide range of safety and life devices, including heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. In the event any of these systems is activated, it will trigger an alarm using inbuilt voice-overs and immediately turn on sounds of all life and safety devices. The system will also alert your respective contacts.

And to give you extra control over the security of your home, you get a cloud-based app that allows you to keep tabs on your home, receive alerts, set and unset alarms, and much more. You can also live stream events happening on selected CCTV systems as they unfold in your home when an alarm system is activated.

A practical example of how this app is beneficial is that you can monitor if your child has arrived at home at a predetermined time, check who is at home, or what detector is activated.

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More Security Options to Keep Your Home or Business Premises Safer

Reliable Signaling Solutions
All Clear Sound Security can also monitor your home and keep you notified in case there is a breach in security. We have a fully NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre that will give you reliable signals and keep you notified of the happenings in your home or business premises in case of any security breach.

BT Redcare Signaling Solutions
For over three decades, BT Redcare has been the leading fire and security alarm signaling. We provide a variety of signaling systems from single-path and dual-path wireless signaling to dual-path private IP system with dual 4G Sims.

As a result, this guarantees a stable connection that will never get compromised. And if there are hitches with your system, you will be notified on time.


CSL Signaling Solutions
This is an alarm signaling portfolio that is designed to offer a wide range of security, fire, and Telecare solutions. It ensures reliable connectivity thanks to the single and dual path systems, as well as the added option of a smartphone app to help you control the alarm system remotely.

Security Smoke Systems

In most cases, property loss occurs in the first few minutes of a break-in. You can disorient the invaders by installing SmokeCloak in your premises so that once activated, it fills the rooms with impenetrable fog or cloud.

This will act as a barrier to vision, and thus force the intruders to leave your premises before they even destroy or steal anything significant.

Smokecloak complements the alarm system and aims at reducing losses emerging from intruders removing stock, attacking staff, or destroying properties in your premises.

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