Instant response with Monitored CCTV

A Remote Monitored CCTV System from Clear Sound Fire & Security is a pro-active system specifically designed to potentially prevent theft or damage to property before any serious criminal act can be perpetrated. Using cameras with intelligent intrusion detection, or standard detection devices strategically positioned around the protected area, any Intruders are quickly detected and a live picture immediately transmitted to experienced operators at a Remote Monitoring Station, who can then assess what is happening on site. All systems are installed and certificated to NCP104 and BS EN 62676 as referenced by NCP104, or BS8418.

Always Alert!

  • Security Guards are a traditional response to problem situations but are not a guarantee of security.
  • High and ongoing monthly costs make them an expensive solution.
  • High guard turnover causes inconsistent performance.
  • Guards can intimidate workers and deter customers.
  • A security guard is unlikely to be in the right place at the right time to prevent employee fraud.
  • When an offender is detained by a guard the case is often, ‘his word against mine’ – not a strong case in a court of law.
  • Remotely Monitored CCTV is a solution that can prevent a problem from occurring, thus maximising business continuity and profitability.

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Why choose remotely monitored CCTV

  • Vigilant 24 hours a day
  • Centralised management of multiple remote sites
  • Appropriate, proactive and fast intervention by specially-trained staff
  • Situations defused before they escalate to loss, damage or violence
  • Evidential quality video and audio recording
  • Protection of staff, customers, stock and assets
  • Cost-effective and efficient. For higher value CCTV installations, take a look at our Leasing options.

Common security problems that can be addressed with remote video monitoring

  • Attacks and Hold-ups on vulnerable staff and lack of protection for lone workers
  • Staff fraud and theft
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism and Graffiti
  • Stock damage
  • Access control
  • Workplace Health & Safety compliance
  • Construction site theft

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Disruption to business

  • One-off incidents are bad enough but persistent problems can bring an organisation to its knees.
  • Threats to staff result in absenteeism and high staff turn over.
  • Temporary closure of a business can deprive retailers of a sale and lose valued and profitable customers.
  • Graffiti on walls portrays an unprofessional image and discourages new customers.
  • Employee theft reduces profitability.
  • Remotely Monitored CCTV is a solution that is cost-effective, vigilant yet not intrusive, works 24×7 – and can be provided as authoritative proof in court.

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Low false alarm rate

Whether protecting staff and stock in a retail outlet, car dealership, tools and materials on a construction site, teachers in a school, or critical machinery in a factory – when an incident occurs, you and your Insurers must be secure in the knowledge that the police will attend!

Police do not want to deal with false alarms – they are time wasting and expensive.

To maximise time spent on genuine incidents, police may charge companies for wasted time, or even refuse attendance after a series of false alarms.

Remotely Monitored CCTV to BS8418 is a solution that meets auditable standards and guarantees Police response (For systems with a Police URN, in accordance with current policy).

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low alarm rate

The Ultimate Deterrent

An important feature of a Monitored CCTV system is a live audio feed from the Remote Monitoring Station to the site, allowing the operator to communicate directly with any potential Intruder on site. In most cases a live audio warning informing an Intruder they are being actively monitored and recorded, and that the Police may be called, will be sufficient to deter any further criminal activity.

In the event of persistent Intruders who are not deterred by the audio warnings, the Remote Monitoring Station will inform your designated response contacts, (i.e. Keyholders or Security company) that there is a genuine Intrusion on site. Security can then be dispatched and, if appropriate, the Police alerted and given an accurate description of the intruders along with their exact location within the protected area.

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