Full HD CCTV Surveillance Cameras and Digital Recorders

When considering a CCTV System images must be suitable for the purpose and security cameras must be installed in the correct position to achieve their objectives. Clear Sound Fire & Security Coventry will design, and install a system to address your specific areas of concern, choosing the cameras and lenses with the technical specifications needed to meet the objectives identified. All our CCTV systems are installed and certificated to NCP104 and BS EN 62676 as referenced by NCP104 or BS8418.

IP Fixed camera & housing

Our fixed security camera solutions conform to an impressive IP66 rating. Each unit is pre-treated with an extremely durable marine weatherproof epoxy coating. As a result you can rest assured that the housing and it’s valuable contents will remain protected – even in the most hostile of environmental conditions. The same protective coating also prevents UV radiation damage.

Despite it’s extremely tough exterior our traditional fixed CCTV camera range has been designed to maximise ease of installation and subsequent maintenance. Housings come with an integral heater, thermostat and separate aluminium sun shield. All Fixed Housing Security cameras are available in 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 4K UHD

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IP fixed vandal resistant dome camera

The vandal resistant range of dome type CCTV cameras are ideal for situations where there is a threat of tampering or damage. Tested to be resistant to the blow from a 10lb sledge hammer, the range is also rated to IP66, making it highly resistant to dust and water ingress. All Security cameras are available in 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 4K UHD.

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IP Fully Functional Dome CCTV

Fully Functional Dome (PTZ ) CCTV cameras are one of the most popular types of security cameras, when operator control is required to provide identification if objects or individuals. They are discreet and aesthetically pleasing and have the advantage of not showing where the camera is actually recording. Internal or external, true Colour / Mono, cameras are fitted with varifocal zoom lenses, and high speed motors capable of moving at speeds of 400 degrees per second and zooming over considerable distances. All PTZ Security cameras are available in 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 4K UHD.

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IP hard disk recorders

A hard disk recorder (HDR) is a system that uses a high-capacity hard disk drive to record digital video and/ or digital audio. Clear Sound Fire & Security source from a wide range of digital hard disk recorder suppliers, and are not tied to one or two brands like other providers.

When choosing a Hard disk recorder there are certain key requirements must be considered. How many images per second to be recorded, the size of image to be recorded, and how long you want to store your images for, among others. Your Clear Sound Fire & Security CCTV specialist will advise on the right Hard disk Recorder for your requirements and budget.

Any recordings can be archived to a media device such as USB Flash memory, DVD or External Hard Drive. Remote viewing of security cameras is available on most PCs, Laptop, tablets, and phones. (A suitable broadband/Data connection is required)

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hard disk recorders

IP bullet & turret cameras

A more discrete solution than traditional CCTV cameras and housings, the bullet and turret range of cameras with integral Infra Red illuminators are more aesthetically pleasing and come with a range of lens and IR distance options.

An important consideration with any camera that has integral Infra Red illuminators is the adverse effect this can have on the images in certain environmental conditions. Your Clear Sound Fire & Security CCTV specialist can advise you on the right choice of camera, lens and illumination as part of your free survey and quotation.

All Bullet & Turret Security cameras are available in 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 4K UHD

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